Web Sig Intro

By: Robert
Date: 9/26/2011 8:17:08 PM

The focus of the Website SIG is on the various components of a website from a basic, introductory standpoint. This includes, but is not limited to, HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScript, website design and layout, WYSIWYG HTML editors, graphics formats, and incorporating third party services (YouTube, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.). Other related or more advanced topics will gladly be welcomed upon request. The target audience is anyone with a general interest in creating a website, or anyone tasked with updating or maintaining a website. Any questions or comments can be sent to robert@monroedavis.com.

  1. Visual Developer Express (Advanced)
  2. Sea Monkey (Beginner)
  3. Other
  4. Notepad

HTML5 (not available on some browsers)
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